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September 17, 2014


Reach the sky at BingoFun winning one of our amazing progressive jackpots: $2,045+ Jackpot in the 75 Ball Hall and $1,324+ Jackpot in the 90 Ball Hall!! Spin to put your name on one of these big slot jackpots:

$1,951+ Monkey Business Slot JP
$1,767+ Bank Heist Slot JP
$1,465+ Super Ks Slot JP
$1,435 + Country Slot JP
$1,116+ Coins of Rome Slot JP
$1,104+ Tools Slot JP

All our slots are unique to the game and many have FREE spins or bonus rounds to make your slot experience even more enjoyable!



FUNZANIAC two times every night of the week win up to $10,000.

SLOTS BONANZA! This is a super fun special with a chance to win up to $5,000!!! amazing!

EZ JACKPOTS Don't miss your chance to play for these fun EZ Jackpot games!




FREE Scheherazade Slot Tourney

Reap great rewards on our Free Slot Tourney - Saturday, Sept 20th from 12:00am till 8:59 pm EST! You will find the SLOT CONTEST link on the home page and you will receive 400 FREE spins you can make till 8:59 pm! Watch your progress on the home page as it is updated every 20 minutes! A final list of the top 75 players will be posted on the home page and these 75 players will take part in a bingo drawing at 11:00pm the same day in the 75 Ball Hall. Every player on the list will be eligible to win:
1st Place~ 100 BBs
2nd & 3rd Place ~ 50 BBs
4th ~ 8th Place~ 20 BBs each
At 11:00 pm on Saturday a special pattern will play in the 75 Ball Hall and the first 3 numbers called for this pattern will determine the winners of the top 3 prizes. The players on the 4th through 8th numbers called will be the winners of 20 BBs each. Our FREE Slot Tourney is only for depositors with funded accounts before the tourney starts. So if you want to participate, please, make sure you have made a deposit and you can qualify for this fascinating competition! Start spinning and winning in our exciting free contests!





If you're crazy about Keno and want to win up to $50,000 then choose your lucky numbers and get ready to grab a win in our Keno Contest that will start on Sept 21st and will continue until Sept 29th. This exciting contest includes our famous Keno, Super Cash Keno, EZ Keno and Golden Eggs Keno. You can play from .01 cent to $5.00 depending on the Keno game you choose. All keno wins, that appear on the top winners' page, will count towards the contest! The players with the most big wins to light up the winners tab will get one of the following prizes:
1st place - $100 BB's
2nd Place - $75 BB's
3rd Place - $50 BB's
4th and 5th place - $25 BB's
You can check your standings with the link on the home page. The winners will be announced on Sept 30th! Winners will be limited to one account. Should more than one account win, the next person in line will receive the prize. Every player who has at least one big win on the Mobile Keno Game during the contest time (and has not qualified for the top 5 prizes) will get 5 FREE Spins on the Bonus Wheel on Sept 30th.





Sunday, 21st of Sept, from 6:00 am till 11:59 am EST in 75 Ball Hall
We will have 6 HOURS of Penny Games just waiting for YOU! Ready for crazy bingo fun? Grab your lucky dauber and head to BingoFun this Sunday! Cards will be 1 penny, buy 10 to 500 cards and play for min $10 prize & min $300 JP! Jump on the BingoFun for a memorable Pennies Experience! Enjoy the games and get your winning cards today! Just a reminder that all games can be pre-booked!




NEW Booster Fruits Pull Tab

Take some time out to rest and refresh with our NEW Booster Fruits Pull Tab!! Check out the new way to multiply your wins with our energizing Booster feature! Get started now with bets from 5 cents to $1 and refresh yourself with a $200 win! Play it on PC or Mobile by clicking on the mobile version link in the Lobby. It can be pretty easy to boost your mood just pull those tabs and have fun!





Our very famous Monkey Business Slot has a Jackpot of over $1,951+ and it offers many ways that you can win big - you can get up to 9000 coins on a single line! The coin value may vary from 5c to 25c and you can bet up to 9 coins on 7 different lines! This popular 4 Reel Slot game has a fabulous bonus round. Try to open as many chests as you can without popping a bomb! The bigger the bet the higher the bonus you'll get in the chest! Starting Sep 13th till Sep 22th for every bonus game played you will progress up the winners list that will be on the home page. Watch your progress and be sure to stay in the winning spots to receive:
1st Place ~ 100 Playable BB's
2nd Place ~ 75 Playable BB's
3rd Place ~ 50 Playable BB's
4th & 5th Place~ 25 Playable BB's
These monkeys are really cheeky so let's join them - relax, put your feet up and play to get a bonus round!!
Winners will be announced on Sep 23rd and all other players who have played at least one bonus game during the contest time will get 5 spins on the Bonus Wheel! SPIN TO WIN!!





Ready for crazy bingo fun? Don't miss out on this new sensation - new GOLD RUSH Game!
Bingo on the following numbers: 3, 7, 12, 29, 33, 36, 53, 59, 67, 71 in the 75 Ball Hall to receive amazing playable BBS! The game will play through Wednesday, September 24th!
The more numbers you collect, the higher your prize will be. If you bingo on any 3 of the Gold Rush Balls you can get 10BBs, if you bingo on 4 of the balls you can receive 15BBs, bingo on ALL 10 numbers and get 100 playable BBs!!

10 of 10 = $100BBs
9 of 10 = $75BBs
8 of 10 = $40BBs
7 of 10 = $30BBs
6 of 10 = $25BBs
5 of 10 = $20BBs
4 of 10 = $15BBs
3 of 10 = $10BBs

When you have bingo on any combination of 3 to 10 Gold Rush Balls, please, send in the game IDs to our support team for verification. Each game ID can be used only once. If you lose your game ID you can send an email to and they will help you to find the exact number on which you had bingo.
Deadline to turn in these games is September 24th, 2014.






CLIMBING EZ JACKPOT - Starts out at $225 today!!


Every Thursday .. Buy 6 Cards in 90 Ball Hall and get 6 FREE!






We will have random hours of double BB's on our chat games! Be in chat and watch for the CM to announce when double BB chat games will be played. Keep tuned in and win those double BB's!

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Congratulations to our Queen... funmom22 who will wear the crown for the entire Month of September. funmom22 was awarded 50 Playable BBs!! You could also be our BingoFun Queen or King for a month!


Congratulations to our SEPTEMBER PULL-TABS CONTEST Winners!

1st Place - ladyoz - 75 Playable BB's
2nd Place - Sally454 - 50 Playable BB's
3rd Place - cashball - 25 Playable BB's
4th & 5th Place - smilealotsue. & dot567 - 15 Playable BB's

Congratulations to the Wild Safari Winners!

Wild Lion – sassy
Wild Giraffe – wittlebits
Wild Elephant – Mystie


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09/11/2014 05:58:56 PM
09/10/2014 04:59:10 PM
09/13/2014 01:18:15 AM
09/14/2014 08:56:56 PM    

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Break the Safe
Buried Treasure
Coins Of Rome
Country Slots
Delicious Sweet
Fancy Fruit
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Fruit Wheels
Fun Fives
Golden Coins
Joker Cash
Lucky Wheel
Mandarin 3-Reel
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Monkey Business
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Pirate's Treasure

RV Race
Seven Heaven
Space Lotto
Spin Castle
Super Ks
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Pull Tab $1
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Pull Tab $5
Yes or No Way
Wheel Of Wealth

7's and Joker Wild
Aces and Eights
All american
American Roulette
Bonus Poker
Caribbean Poker
Deuces Wild
European Roulette

Jackpot Keno
Jacks or Better
Joker Poker
Triple Card Poker

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Bank Heist 3-Reel Slots
Emotions Slots
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